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Repainting a gate, refreshing a room, building a garden shed…The period of confinement has been used by many French people, Sunday handymen or enthusiasts, who admit to having found there the opportunity to do all those little jobs they had never had time to do before.

This is the case of Aurélien, a thirty-year-old computer specialist, owner of a country house and an adjacent barn in Isère. “Of course, the DIY stores having closed, we couldn’t do much at the beginning of the containment.But as soon as a drive system was put in place, with my brother, a building contractor, we went to retrieve enough to change the boiler that was giving up.So we took the opportunity to redo the whole bathroom, frankly old-fashioned. We switched the shower with the basin and we redid the tiles”. We also replaced the garden furniture, but not by tinkering with it, but with nice second-hand furniture that we bought online.

A market hard hit by the crisis

A new hobby to discover? “I loved it, but it was exhausting! If only because I’m not really equipped…My brother is in the business, which made it a lot easier. He had all the equipment at his disposal, and the right advice to move forward”.

Like the majority of economic sectors, the DIY market has been hard hit by the crisis.”While the first two months of the year 2020 showed a progression in the continuity of that of 2019, the pandemic has slowed this dynamic” deplores.the annual observatory published this month by the Federation of DIY and Home Improvement Stores with Inoha, the manufacturers of new housing.

BKW/Inoha document

Last year, it even weighed 28 billion euros, which is as much as multimedia, a figure that was notably driven by the record sales recorded in old property (more than a million in 2019), which are synonymous with renovation and transformation projects underway and to come in 2020.

A “reservoir” that should allow for a sustained resumption of activity by the end of the year, because, whether it is a necessity or a hobby, DIY remains a popular activity among our fellow citizens, since it represents the largest item of non-food spending by French households.

Millennials love

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, it attracts all age groups, and in particular the “Millennials”, i.e. those borns in the 1990s, who admit to being adept at recycling and “do it yourself” popularized by e-learning tutorials and workshops.

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