Céline's house, emblem of the impossible rehabilitation of a cursed writer

Posted March 27, 2020 at 2:51 p.m.- Updated March 28, 2020 at 5:27 a.m.

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In November 2019, Lucette Destouches, the last wife of Louis-Ferdinand Céline, passed away at the age of 107, leaving behind the villa Maïtou, in Meudon, where the couple had been living since 1951.that the widow worked in the defense of the work of the writer.But, because of her anti-Semitism, neither the town hall nor the State wished to classify the places.

It's hard to survive old age without a few consolations.On July 20, 2019, Lucette Destouches celebrated her 107th birthday in Meudon.On the menu, as every year: lobster, mayonnaise and potato salad, drizzled with champagne.

There are his caregivers, who are busy day and night at his bedside, one of his former students of the dance class or his gardener, who has picked a bouquet of roses for the occasion.in his room.

Funny setting for a birthday: we eat a plate on our knees between the fixed bars that were once used for gymnastics.Lucie Almansor, her maiden name, is lying in her bed and does not say a word.to sacrifice to the ritual, the heart is no longer really there.

Everyone still has in mind the gaiety of this woman, who once greeted them with: "What are you kidding today?" "Now she spends her days sleeping.She no longer even listens to the cassettes brought by her old accomplice François Gibault, her lawyer and confidant for nearly half a century." Ballets played by the greatest orchestras or pieces by Sacha Guitry ”, specifies the one who is also president of the Société d'études celiniennes.No more music in her to make life dance, her husband, Louis-Ferdinand Céline would have said.

Posted Date: 2020-07-28

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